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Howitzer Nürburgring Wall light

The Howitzer Nürburgring wall light is based on the profile of the Nürburgring – a wall mounted CNC routed plywood light with hidden lighting that casts a halo on the wall it is mounted to.

Howitzer HTTV Tactical vehicle.

The Howitzer HTTV (Highly transportable tactical vehicle) is designed to be a robust smaller tactical attack and defence vehicle. Designated to take the place of the current Hilux trucks in the Army’s arsenal, the Howitzer HTTV is designed around a triangulated chromo tubular frame for both safety of the crew and to make the vehicle … Continue reading

Howitzer ‘let there be…’ concrete Desk lamp

  Keeping with my ‘let there be…’ light series, here’s my latest design for a concrete swivel head desk lamp.  

‘let there be…’ Ceramic series

Based on the ‘let there be…’ Concrete floorstanding lamp, the ceramic series comes in a light natural ceramic with a grayscale colour palette for the base.  The lights stand at 650mm tall.

‘let there be’ – Concrete Floor standing lamp

Concrete is a substrate that we rarely use raw uncovered in our houses, it is seen as extremely industrial and very robust, not what comes to mind when the words stylish and elegant comes to play. It is the material of choice for this floorstanding lamp, simple elegant shape and vibrant colour along with concrete … Continue reading


I decided to give you guys a wallpaper for the week – the Howitzer icon in carbon with some GT stripes in the Aston Martin AMV12 blue.

Howitzer Flare Sunglasses


NAG magazine fan art

I entered fan art for NAG magazine and website – holding thumbs that they like it. http://www.nag.co.za/ Here’s the HQ version – makes kick ass wallpaper. NAG in Neon lights wall mounted.  I suppose it could also make a very Afrikaans bedroom wall hanging sign…

Howitzer design Francisca hand axe

‘Francisca’ was the name given to a short European throwing battle weapon (axe) during the Migration period.  Due to the aggressive nature yet sophisticated look and feel of the Howitzer design short and medium length handle axes, the name seems fitting; also nothing beats the feeling of splitting a massive log cleanly in half with … Continue reading

Quick Neon sign test…