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Howitzer design Francisca hand axe

‘Francisca’ was the name given to a short European throwing battle weapon (axe) during the Migration period.  Due to the aggressive nature yet sophisticated look and feel of the Howitzer design short and medium length handle axes, the name seems fitting; also nothing beats the feeling of splitting a massive log cleanly in half with a single blow.

Colour detail distincts between the different weight (and therefore uses) of the axe. Howitzer embossing detail on the shaft.

Metal stringer encased in a glass filled Nylon core inside a Poly handle keep shock to a minimum, weight manageable and the axe extremely durable.

Howitzer design logo embossed on the head of the axe.


About nox

I am a Product and or Graphic designer... During the day I specialize in mostly MAR design but when night falls; and the curtains are drawn....magic*


One thought on “Howitzer design Francisca hand axe

  1. Ha ha, ek wonder waar jy jou inspiration gekry het? By n ho?

    Posted by OJ | September 6, 2011, 6:02 am

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