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Howitzer HTTV Tactical vehicle.

The Howitzer HTTV (Highly transportable tactical vehicle) is designed to be a robust smaller tactical attack and defence vehicle.

Designated to take the place of the current Hilux trucks in the Army’s arsenal, the Howitzer HTTV is designed around a triangulated chromo tubular frame for both safety of the crew and to make the vehicle durable and effectively to give it a longer lifespan.

This also means that the vehicle (suspension, body, add ons such as weapons, drivetrain, engine and wheels) can be systematically and easily upgraded or maintained and fixed with new technology, without having to discard the entire vehicle. It serves as platform for continuity.

Howitzer HTTV - tactical vehicle.

Howitzer HTTV - tactical vehicle.

The HTTV comes off the line with a 5.7l V8 engine to keep things powerful yet fairly simple and uncomplicated.

A SuperSelect 4×4 gearbox and automatic hubs means that the driver can shift on the fly up to 100km/h from 2WD H, to 4WD H without having to stop and 4WD L can be engaged in low speed up to 10km/h.

35″ tyres on 17″ rims gives good clearance and traction.

Drop out linkage suspension keep things well suspended and a massive light setup gears the vehicle for night assaults or raids.

Mounting points for up to a 50 cal are located on the back of the roof cage.

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  1. nice!

    Posted by OJ | September 20, 2011, 11:56 am

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