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Howitzer’s fine (superbly amazing – awesome) roasted coffees

I have spent a couple of months working on a range of roasted coffees with my roasters and blenders.

The selection process was arduous (read fun and excellent) – tasting loads of blends and making selections based on tasting notes, acidity and punchy-ness.

3 blends were selected and are now available as part of the Howitzer Roasted coffee range in both beans and ground.

1. Not-your-average Java blend

– a Full flavoured full bodied medium dark roast with hints of rich chocolate.  Highly addictive.  My favourite for early morning at the beach on the camp stove just before a surf and then again after.

2. WOW! What an Espresso blend

– Award winning Espresso blend that I “borrowed” from my roasters.  If you like espresso, be sure not to miss a shot of this.  It will leave your tastebuds tingly and your heart jumping (let’s say for joy), with that WOW! What an Espresso! feeling.  I really enjoy making this in the plunger around mid-day as a pick me up.

3. Tastes-like-more Italian blend

– The punchiest of the Howitzer range, this blend is strong with a beautiful aroma, not harsh on the palette.  a Dark, full flavour blend, that will have you brewing another pot before you know it. My favourite for the Bialetti on the gas stove.

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