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Vehicles for graphics – Generic

I recently had to do a project for a petrochemical company.  Their range of lubricants are vehicle specific and for the different types of products I modelled generic vehicles that could be used for the graphics. Basic wireframe rendered models, nothing fancy. Advertisements

Crystal pickup trucks.

I rendered up a couple of Hotrod pickups in coloured glass – looking pretty cool, so I thought I’d share them.

’28/29 Ford Pickup Hotrod

A quick model/render that I did to inspire a hotrod pickup build I am planning for the not-too-distant future. Its based on a 1929 Ford pickup.      

BST (Goldspeed) Carbon wheel / Husaberg front brake billet rotor adapter.

Some designs originate from a place of pure imagination, some innovation, some boredom and some of necessity, as was the case with this design. BST (Blackstone Tec) has the lightest strongest motorcycle wheels available on the market today (not my claim – go and have a look at the tests – fricken awesome stuffs) – … Continue reading

Mclaren F1 Steering wheel.

I modeled from a couple of photos the steering wheel from the 09 or 2010 Mclaren F1 car. Here is the clay model, and then the fully textured model of the steering wheel.

Howitzer Nürburgring Wall light

The Howitzer Nürburgring wall light is based on the profile of the Nürburgring – a wall mounted CNC routed plywood light with hidden lighting that casts a halo on the wall it is mounted to.

Howitzer HTTV Tactical vehicle.

The Howitzer HTTV (Highly transportable tactical vehicle) is designed to be a robust smaller tactical attack and defence vehicle. Designated to take the place of the current Hilux trucks in the Army’s arsenal, the Howitzer HTTV is designed around a triangulated chromo tubular frame for both safety of the crew and to make the vehicle … Continue reading

Maserati Pencil Racer Concept

  Anarchy and poetry, method to madness, raw power and a blissfull ignorance of possible impending doom. These images comes to mind when paging through the racing history books, seeing race cars being pushed to the limits of both machine and driver.  Very few things must be that invigorating, adrenaline pumping in your ears, heart … Continue reading