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Vehicles for graphics – Generic

I recently had to do a project for a petrochemical company.  Their range of lubricants are vehicle specific and for the different types of products I modelled generic vehicles that could be used for the graphics. Basic wireframe rendered models, nothing fancy. Advertisements

Crystal pickup trucks.

I rendered up a couple of Hotrod pickups in coloured glass – looking pretty cool, so I thought I’d share them.

’28/29 Ford Pickup Hotrod

A quick model/render that I did to inspire a hotrod pickup build I am planning for the not-too-distant future. Its based on a 1929 Ford pickup.      

NAG magazine fan art

I entered fan art for NAG magazine and website – holding thumbs that they like it. http://www.nag.co.za/ Here’s the HQ version – makes kick ass wallpaper. NAG in Neon lights wall mounted.  I suppose it could also make a very Afrikaans bedroom wall hanging sign…

Quick Neon sign test…