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Howitzer Surfboards going strong.

After shaping and surfing my first board (and consequently selling it in the same day I put it online), I decided to shape myself another board. I think my boards are to pro shaped boards what craft beer is to Heineken. I got an order for a 6’0 Fish – based on my first board’s … Continue reading

Howitzer’s first board.

I handshaped my first surfboard under the Howitzer brand. a 6’8 diamond tail board that handles as good as it looks. Here’s the photos from blank to final. I am shaping customs on order, so if you are interested, give me a call or drop me a message.

Hand shaping my first Howitzer 6’9 surfboard.

I’m an amateur surfer, and being a designer I want to shape my own board.Since I have no idea what I’m doing in regards to surfboard design I took to reading up on what would be a great second board. After many many blogs, websites, forums and friend input – I’ve decided on a 6’11 … Continue reading

’28/29 Ford Pickup Hotrod

A quick model/render that I did to inspire a hotrod pickup build I am planning for the not-too-distant future. Its based on a 1929 Ford pickup.      

BST (Goldspeed) Carbon wheel / Husaberg front brake billet rotor adapter.

Some designs originate from a place of pure imagination, some innovation, some boredom and some of necessity, as was the case with this design. BST (Blackstone Tec) has the lightest strongest motorcycle wheels available on the market today (not my claim – go and have a look at the tests – fricken awesome stuffs) – … Continue reading

Mclaren F1 Steering wheel.

I modeled from a couple of photos the steering wheel from the 09 or 2010 Mclaren F1 car. Here is the clay model, and then the fully textured model of the steering wheel.

‘let there be…’ Ceramic series

Based on the ‘let there be…’ Concrete floorstanding lamp, the ceramic series comes in a light natural ceramic with a grayscale colour palette for the base.  The lights stand at 650mm tall.

‘let there be’ – Concrete Floor standing lamp

Concrete is a substrate that we rarely use raw uncovered in our houses, it is seen as extremely industrial and very robust, not what comes to mind when the words stylish and elegant comes to play. It is the material of choice for this floorstanding lamp, simple elegant shape and vibrant colour along with concrete … Continue reading


I decided to give you guys a wallpaper for the week – the Howitzer icon in carbon with some GT stripes in the Aston Martin AMV12 blue.

Quick Neon sign test…